Products TERRARIE CONTROLLER READ MORE The TERRARIE CONTROLLER have now been translated in it's software to be speaking ENGLISH. No longer is everything in SWEDISH.  We will also start create an English manual as soon as possible. The controlling channels are literally On/Off switches that can handle at least 500W at 220V. I would not go above this.  Nothing stops you from controlling LED light in an aquarium if you so wish.  That is 500W / channel * 8 The relay switch does not discriminate lover voltage at all. 12V, 24V and 48 volt systems can be controlled and we have tested that.  Also DC or AC systems make no difference based on the design behind this unit. For arguments sake let’s look at an EXO-TERRA light unit, the ones we have are basically made for 25W light units. So even 4 of them will not be more than 100W.