News ATMEL & STM32 Software development consultancy open again! Software Crew has once again started up the service with microcode development for anyone in need. We will work from your specifications, you will have one offer and pay one invoice. All code we generate in general is portable between ATMEL 8 bits MCU:s to STM32 32-bits MCU. We can also use some different PASCAL and also some C in our development if you have specific routines you want implemented! We support floating point math in all it’s glory, also texthandling. Loads of protocolls like single wire, I2C, TWI, SPI, CAN, WiFi, LAN and many more. ATMELs 8-bit enviroment up to 16-20MHz STM32 up to 168 MHz / 1MByte of flash. We handle NAND RAM, NOR RAM, EEPROM, SERIAL RAM, A/D, D/A and many other type of interfaces / devices. Software Crew contact