Electronic:s adapted to Mikroelektronika Mikroelektronikas enviroment adapted to the ARDUINO units available on Ebay among other places! Nano V3 bootloader We will also include a Nano V3 naming interface for all of you who wants to write code for the Nano 3 outside of Arduino enviroment.  The file  “Bootloader.hex” can be uploaded to the MCU as it is and makes a Nano V3.0 Mikroelektronika kompatible chip. This bootloader is compatible to any language you program in for the AVR. C, BASIC or PASCAL does not matter, only valid for the Nano V3.0 unit. To upload code you created once MCU has this bootloader installed use the  TOOLS:mikrobootloader in any development IDE. CH341ser driver for the Nano 3. The ch341ser.exe file is scanned by us before publish and works with XP and Win 7 as well as Win 8.x it is an installer, the same you find on the net. This is the Chinese replacement for the FTDI Chip (FT232RL) to their own standard. The ch341ser driver works a treat for us. You get communication throu the USB connector via RS232 Tx/Rx lines.