About Software Crew AB present smallest 3D engine for ATMEL & STM32 Some information re the 3D vertex engine. - it is a VERTEX engine for 3D coordinates - no textures is available - engine size is aprox 2.5-3Kb without math. You can barely run this engine  in 8K of FLASH memory. The development started in a ATtiny85 MCU from ATMEL. X-axis is equatorial in orientation Z-axis is the Depth axis  and  Y-axis is height. You can setup any virtual screen you want in the maner of Left,Top,Right,Bottom coordinates. These coordinates will be used when the projection routine calculates where something is visible. You also have a DOF Depth Of Field that controls how DEEP the camera can see. Your view port is also defined by the Horizontal and Vertical angles, the width and height the camera can see. How DOES A VERTEX ENGINE WORK?