About Micro 3D engine code for GLOBE primitive Procedure Globe; Var Alfa, Beta, Pi, Nx, Ny, Nz, Rx0, Ry0, Rz0 : Real;     Y1, i, s, Ix, Iy, Iz : Integer; Begin   Pi:=3.141592;   SetOrigo(0,0,0);   Inc(IDc); s:=Crdc+3;   Alfa:=(180 / 6)*PiPart;   Beta:=Pi / 2;   Rec(0, 0, 0, IDc+100);   Rec(0, -40, 0, IDc);   Rec(0, 40, 0, IDc);   For Y1:=1 to 5 do     Begin       Beta:=Beta-Alfa;       Nx:=Cos(Beta)*40; Ix:=Trunc(Nx);       Ny:=Sin(Beta)*40; Iy:=Trunc(Ny);  Iz:=0;       Crd[Crdc].X0:=Ix;       Crd[Crdc].Y0:=Iy;       Crd[Crdc].Z0:=Iz;       Crd[Crdc].ID:=IDc;       Inc(Crdc);     End;   Gamma:=45;   For Y1:=1 to 7 do     Begin       SetAngles(Gamma, 0, 0);       For i:=s to s+4 do         Begin            Rx0:=Crd[i].X0;            Ry0:=Crd[i].Y0;            Rz0:=Crd[i].Z0;            Rotate(Rx0,Ry0,Rz0, Nx, Ny, Nz);            Rec(Trunc(Nx), Trunc(Ny), Trunc(Nz), IDc);         End;       Gamma:=Gamma+45;     End; End; This routine is due to be lifted out from the Gfx3D engine and released as a simple generator for a simple set of vertices creating a globe. You can se this in the demo software!