About Micro 3D engine for ATMEL and STM32  The 3D MAP engine. A vertex engine is ideal to use when ever you want to work with 3D mapping. In mapping you don’t want to render anything, but you want to be able to associate 3D coordinates with enviromental maps. A vertex map bound to a GPS coordinate can easily handle things like your garden or other 3D enviroment where GPS can be received.   If you want to work inside a room, you can use another principle. Think of your self as traveling in a unknown universe as well from time to time beeing in charted territories. This is the major problem that i.e. spacenavigation has to deal with. If you look at a room with all it’s obstacles as the universe a vast area of hidden dangers and targets. You can both use an alreadu created map as well as creating a 3D map while trodding arround.   The neat side of a VERTEX engine is the fact that only coordinates of X,Y,Z is saved and these coordinates is very small. Even if you work with a 128Kb EEPROM you can stil use aprox 10- thousand coordinates sectioned in a number of sections like kitchen, bedroom, hallway and so on.. You can easily find enough information to identify if your map has enough information or not. Work with a MicroSD card and you cand handle millions of maps.   If you are very daring you could actually hang a map unit under a quadracopter and navigate as a UAV. The DOF function ( Depth Of Filed ) will work as a first filter how much information you actually have to process at every batch.   Your MAP:s can be as detailed or as sparse as you wish, a UAV will need a GPS to better handle it’s position in space. But at landing and hovering above sertain targets, you can use a vertex map to decide if you are on target or not.   This engine is also built for ease of use and you don’t need much of programming skills to use it. You will have more energy to spend on the 3D side of things.   Next I will discuss the 3D operating / menu system, using vertex coordinates.