About Micro 3D engine for ATMEL and STM32 Procedure SetAngles(DegY, DegX, DegZ : real); Angle to rotate cordinates with through command ROTATE Procedure SetOrigo(X1,Y1,Z1 : Real); Setup ORIGO for ROTATE command procedure Rotate(Origx, Origy, Origz : Real; var Nx, Ny, Nz: Real); ROTATE rotates any amount of cordinates arround ORIGO Procedure CameraViewport(X1,Y1,X2,Y2 : Word); // Initz camera Sets up virtual screen and INITZ camera/projection system. Function Projection(TargetX, TargetY, TargetZ : Real; Var Gx, Gy : integer) : Word; Main projection routine, takes a 3D coordinate and answers with Gx,Gy and distance to the point in 3D space based on ANGLES and DISTANCE Procedure TurnCameraTo(Ang : Real); Turns camera between 0 and 180 degree Procedure MoveCamera(Steps : Word); Walks the camera in direction it looks right now in XZ plane Procedure SetCamera(X1,Y1,Z1 : Real); Positions the CAMERA at any 3D coordinates Procedure CameraDOF(TempDOF : Word); Sets up the Cameras Depth Of Field, how far it can see.