About Vertex 3D engine for ATMEL and STM32 microcontrollers more specification re the VERTEX engine. A coordinate in space is defined as X,Y,Z and a screen coordinate is Gx,Gy .  The projection function will calculate the Gx,Gy from any X,Y,Z given. CODE SNIPPET    //             X Y Z   UNIVERSE origo    SetOrigo(0,0,0);    //                Y   X  Z  Rotation in UNIVERSE    SetAngles(90, 0, 0);    // Perform rotation.    Rotate(Icx,Icy,Icz,Resx,Resy,Resz);    //                          L  T  R    B    CameraViewPort(0, 0, 100, 50);    //        X  Y   Z    SetCamera(0, 0, -80);    // Setup camera depth of field    CameraDOF(200);